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8 Menopause Sleep Tips

Jul 10, 2020

8 Menopause Sleep Tips

Menopause is a stage in a woman’s life which is unfortunately unavoidable. However, there are some traditional treatments you can do for the symptoms of hot flashes and insomnia to make your sleep more restful. Here’s a few of the main things you can change to your daily and bedtime routine:

  1. Sleep products: Invest in the correct sleep products such as a cooling mattress and pillows. Our ComfaSleep Mattresses have a layer of cool gel to maintain optimum body temperature through the night by dispelling heat. The machine washable cotton mattress cover is hypoallergenic and breathable, meaning those night sweats are no problem and if they do catch up with you then you can pop the cover in the wash. Our Pillow Pro has a cool side, designed specifically for moments like this. The cool side is heat regulating and filled with shredded cool gel memory foam and silk to keep you cool through the night.
  2. Bedtime schedule: Maintain a regular bedtime schedule, try not to indulge in those late nights watching your fave show on Netflix, and try wind down at around the same time every night. Prepare a similar bedtime schedule where you wind down and sleep naturally to avoid insomnia, check out our blog on '9 tips for a bed-tea night's sleep' for more details on winding down before bed.
  3. Ventilation: Keep your bedroom cool and well-ventilated. We all want to be warm and cosy in bed, but make sure to keep the air flowing in the room throughout the night and crack open the window just a little to avoid those midnight hot flashes.
  4. Dress well: Wear loose clothing to bed like a baggy t-shirt and loose-fitting pyjama bottoms. Clothing made of natural fibers like cotton is usually best and naturally cooling. Try not to sleep naked as your sweating body will stick to the sheets and make you uncomfortable.
  5. Foods: Avoid eating certain foods that may cause sweating and hot flashes before bed, such as spicy foods, fatty meats, chocolate and doughnuts. Also avoid drinking too much caffeine and stay away from alcohol before bed as they both get you super heated!
  6. Pee before bed: Make sure you’re hydrated throughout the day drinking enough water. Just before bed make sure you empty your bladder so you don’t have to pop to the ladies during the night and be overwhelmed with hot flashes.
  7. Exercise: It’s true that exercise helps with almost every health issue out there, and in the same way it helps with menopause symptoms. Except, don’t do a major workout just before bed, last thing you want is to be all hot and flustered before you get under the covers.
  8. Avoid napping: Even if you had a light sleep the night before, try to stick to the same bedtime routine and avoid any mid-day naps so that you have an undisturbed nights sleep when actually sleeping during the night.

If you need further assistance or suffering from major sleep issues such as sleep apnea or insomnia it's always helpful to also get some professional advice from your doc, but by integrating these simple tips into your lifestyle, you’ll definitely be making life that little bit easier for yourself.

Sleep. Get yours. By ComfaSleep

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