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Are you the beds dressed?

Dreading the thought of getting into bed this winter? Shivering there curled up into a ball, relying on your duvet to block out any cold coming in and hoping that you will eventually get warm enough to sleep? There’s no point in waiting around. Get yourself ready for bed during the cold winter nights with these simple wrap up steps.


Are you wearing the right pyjamas to bed? Looser is generally better when it comes to pyjamas, as you are probably moving around during the night so it’s best you wear clothes that easily move around with you. Long sleeves, long pants or baggy t-shirts usually do the job. Natural fibres such as wool, cotton or silk will keep you warmer than synthetic materials. Still too cold? Add more layers. You can try thermal t-shirt underneath your pyjama top or a pair of fitting legging underneath your pyjama trousers.

Get some sox

Get yourself some super soft fluffy socks to keep your feet from getting ice cold. Make sure your socks are loose enough to be comfortable and not restricting blood flow. Remember, its much easier to keep your feet warm than to try and warm them up when they’re already cold. But also, make sure your socks aren’t too big and floppy as you don’t wan’t to wake up with a half a sock on and the other hiding under your bed.

Use thicker sheets

Cotton sheets are usually good throughout the whole year, but for the cold winter nights you might need to switch it up a bit. Some good materials for warmth and insulation are: wool, fleece, silk or flannel sheets. You can also add extra layers, by using a thick blanket either over or under the duvet or place it over your feet to keep them warm as your warming your feet first can quickly warm up your whole body quite fast.

Warm your head

A lot of your body heat can escape through your head, so its important to pop on some protection. You can build a fort of pillows around you; pillows are good for insulation and warmth. We would recommend our Pillow Pro ‘The Cloud Side’ which is filled with silk microfibre; silk being a natural fibre and a naturally creating warmth. The shredded memory foam inside the pillow allows quick response to movement, meaning you won’t get trapped inside your fort of pillows and can have a warm, peaceful nights sleep. If you’re still really cold, you could always wear a hat to bed.

Upgrade your duvet

You should look for a higher tog duvet (usually anything over 10 is usually good for the cold winter nights) and one with natural fillings such as goose down which feel incredibly warm and luxurious.

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