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Pillow Pro

The Pillow Pro will create the perfect sleep system when used with our mattresses. Our fully adjustable, hypoallergenic pillow will be the perfect sleep partner for you throughout the night. Made with a 100% soft cotton cover to give you the ultimate feeling of comfort and luxury. The filling inside is made with a special blend of silk and microfibre to give it natural anti-mite protection.

Why should I choose a ComfaSleep® Pillow?

• The quilted side filled with a blend of silk and microfibre, giving you the feeling of sleeping on air

• Heat regulating side is filled with shredded cool gel memory foam and silk to keep you cool through the night

• Removable microfibre insert to create the perfect height for your pillow

• The silk and microfibre filling can be removed to create the perfect firmness for ultimate comfort

The cloud side

The cloud side

Silk microfibre filled pockets providing an anti-mite advantage. Shredded memory foam for quick response to movement.

The insert

The insert

Removable microfibre insert designed to be adjusted to the individuals needs. Can be inserted for extra comfort or height.

The gel infusion

The gel infusion

The cool side of the pillow is filled with a shredded cool gel infused memory foam that can be removed to create the perfect feel and stored in the protective pouch provided.

The cool side

The cool side

Gel infused foam layer to regulate temperature throughout the night. Luxury soft touch fabric for a cool feel.

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Sleep is personal, so is our pillow. Our revolutionary Sleep Doctor® software will take some of your unique physical data and sleeping needs to tailor the perfect pillow, just for you. Sleep Tight.

The cloud side of the pillow

A feeling of pure luxury and comfort with a soft and fluffy cloud-like surface.


The cool side of the pillow

Heat regulating to ensure you are feeling cool and refreshed throughout the night.


We have taken the worry out of buying a pillow, whether you like high or low; soft or firm, now you can get exactly what you want with our fully adjustable pillow made for every head.

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