£699 - UK Double ( 135 cm x 190 cm )
£749 - UK King ( 150 cm x 200 cm )
£799 - UK Super King ( 180 cm x 200 cm )


A mattress like no other. We are making sleep personal. Our mattress will become your perfect sleep partner offering unrivalled comfort and pressure relief.

What do I get with a ComfaSleep® Mattress?

  • The perfect firmness based on your unique data recommended by our revolutionary Sleep Doctor® software
  • Cool Gel technology to maintain optimum body temperature through the night by dispelling heat
  • Pocket Spring with different layers of memory foam which reduces pressure, aligns your body correctly and gives you the comfort of floating in air
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Let's get deep about sleep

A peek into the making of our mattress

  • Breathable & Voluptuous Sleep Surface

    Our machine washable Luxcosy cover is designed and made especially for our mattress. It is hypoallergenic and has a weight of 500gsm, made with our special blend of cotton to give you the ultimate feel of luxury and comfort.

  • Low Pressure Comfort Foam

    We created Comfatex to create the feeling of floating on cloud. It relieves the pressure from the body instantly on touch.

  • Cooling Gel Foam

    This clever foam works really hard to make sure your body stays comfortable by taking in the excess body heat and cooling it down. It regulates the air flow between the body and the other layers.

  • Responsive Support Foam

    Using synthetic latex to relieve pressure and to support the body to stay in one position for longer periods of time during the deep stages of sleep.

  • Pocket Sprung Zonal Support

    Pocket springs move independently of one another to support your body’s unique contours. The 3 zones allows the body to be in the correct postural alignment and provides greater support to the mid-section of the body, where the most support is required. Each spring is wrapped in a strong fabric to prevent it from getting entangled with others, this ensures optimum performance and comfort.

  • Endurance Support

    Our Endurafoam supports the springs to hold the body in the ultimate comfort position for longer by adjusting instantly with every movement, without disturbing your partner sleeping next to you.

  • Full Body Surrround

    Our spring is held in place and protected by a full-body surround which increases the sleep surface, right to the edge.

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Tried and tested

Our high grade memory foam and pocket springs under go a rigorous testing cycle using load barrels which are rolled through it thousands of times to mimic years of heavy usage. We want to ensure the mattress maintains its shape and supports you so that you can sleep in comfort from the day you partner up. 

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family bed
family bed

Foam + Spring = Unrivalled postural support.

We ensure that the correct postural alignment is maintained when you are sleeping on our mattress by measuring the body’s 36 different points when standing up. This removes pressure from all the pressure points. The correct postural alignment when sleeping, aids your body’s vital organs to function properly, creating better blood circulation and better breathing. We want you to sleep and dream in complete peace and comfort.

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We all know the feeling of waking up more tired then when we went to bed and that is why we have decided to turn the mattress industry on its head. Our intelligent Sleep Doctor® recommended mattresses will relieve the pressures from your body; the Comfatex foam will give you that supported and hugged feeling as you snooze all night long.

Everyone is unique, so let’s keep it like that by letting Sleepfit® choose the perfect partner for you. A match made in heaven.

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