With countless number of mattresses on the market, all offering very similar products which are either spring, memory foam or a combination of the two to customers that it became impossible to choose. Added to that, finding the right mattress can be extremely difficult, as you don’t know whether you want a soft feel or a firm feel. How can you test which one suits you? Spending 5 minutes on the shop floor, pushing and prodding the mattress doesn’t really tell you much and unfortunately you couldn’t spend the night in the store trying out the mattress you want so what you buy is what you become stuck with whether it suits you or not! We didn’t want our customers to be in such dilemmas and there began our journey.

After years of research, what really stood out was all the major manufacturers and retailers of mattresses were producing and selling a ‘one size fits all’ mattress to the public. As every ‘body’ is different, people were not getting a mattress that matched their body type and their sleep needs. Just think about the story of Goldilocks and the Three Bears. It took Goldilocks three tries before she found her perfect bed, and Daddy Bear and Mamma Bear also had their own. Manufacturers ignored the problem and pharmaceutical companies were cashing in by creating medicinal type products to reduce sleep disruption thereby changing the body to fit the mattress rather than simply to produce a unique mattress for the individual ‘body’. Let’s be honest here, its more profitable and easier for mattress manufacturers and retailers to create the one mattress for everyone.


We set about trying to create a mattress that could have multiple sleep surfaces for the public, but this was no easy task. We needed something more, so by working closely with our scientists and engineers at Hangzhou Sleep Technology we created Sleep Doctor®, a revolutionary software that takes an individual’s physical data, coupled with their sleeping habits to recommend a sleep surface that is totally unique to them. All the mattresses we produce share full size pocket springs produced by the world’s leading bedding spring manufacturer, the memory foam is produced from raw materials at our laboratory where the density and weight is tested based on an individual’s physical data. We then added a layer of cooling gel to ensure optimum body temperature for the body whilst in bed, and then another layer of special foam which ensures the body’s pressure points are catered for. Our engineers put all this together to create the first ComfaSleep Mattress.


Alongside our unique mattresses, we launched the beta version of our Sleep Doctor® software three years ago and had over 35000 people input their data. We were able to recommend and supply the numerous sleep surfaces based on their physical data and sleeping patterns for them to trial and feedback to our scientists. We truly wanted to give you the best sleep possible so we added additional layers of comfort and put them through our rigorous quality assurance processes but a test is not complete until it has been tested by the ‘body’ it was created for. We were still not happy, even though the bodies that were testing them didn’t want to stop using these trial versions as we felt there was more we could do. We made additional changes to the spring by creating a multi zonal pocket spring that worked individually to support the different areas on your body, removing all pressures from the body’s pressure zones, to ensure the body felt like it was lying on air.

Now & the future

So here we are, 6 years later, having assessed hundreds of materials for comfort and durability; analysing and pressure testing a variety of pocket springs based on size, weight and height to fit the contours of your body and a rigorous testing of multiple densities of memory foams and gel foams to ensure maximum comfort and optimal body temperature regulation during sleep, we were now ready to launch to market.

Let us give you the sleep you never had. No more feeling lazy and irritable after you wake up, and no more dozing off behind the computer at work or whilst in an important meeting with your boss due to disrupted sleep because with a ComfaSleep mattress you will wake up every morning feeling fresh, fully rested and beautiful.

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